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If you find Electronics difficult to understand - then you are one of a vast majority! One good reason for this is that you cannot 'see' how electronic circuits work - only switch them on and hope that they do work. So home construction of electronic circuits may seem something of a gamble, not helped by the fact that the 'plans' are usually in the form of theoretical circuit diagrams with components designated by symbols instead of their physical shape and size, and quite probably in nothing like the arrangement they will appear on a practical working circuit.

Take heart at this point! In atleast nine cases out of ten, If a circuit built to a published 'plan' does not work it will be for one or two simple reasons: Either poorly made connections or wrong connections. The only mystery about this is that it happens - even to experts.

Electronic circuits are about components and how they behave when connected together in various ways. This site sets out to explain just that, in simple easy-to-understand fashion, without any difficult mathematical caluculations or 'theoretical' explanations. What they are, What they look like, What they do, and What sort of circuits they are used in. A basic groundwork in the practical side of simple electronics - and the subject can be quite simple.

This site should be an excellent 'starter' for anyone wanting to take up practical electronics as a Hobby interest - and an ideal reference to backup, and make easier to understand.

Your valuable feedback will help me to improve this site. So, I request you to kindly take some time-out to fill the feedback form. You can also contribute to this site by sending me an article or any webpage which you think might be useful for others to know. Your page or article will be put up on this site along with your name and other details (Please remember to send me the articles/webpages through e-mail). You can also send me suggestions to improve the site and about what you would like to see on the site and what you don't like to!.

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